Kyoto is one of the most attractive cities worldwide owing to the very Japanese combination of modern and traditional cultures. The 1200 year history as the capital of Japan (from 8th to 19th century) has procreated numerous stories for this city. For rheologists, an interesting one is the tale of the Heike, which describes the rise and fall of the Taira clan in 12th century. At the very beginning of the tale, it is embolden that everything is impermanent. Everything flows! An artisan of Japanese-style confection told that they have to continuously modify the taste of their sweets to be admired as the inheritor of the tradition. The city of Kyoto has been renovating itself to preserve the history, in such a way.

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The conference site, Kyoto TERRSA (Shin-machi Kujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan (Tel:+81-75-692-3400)), is located nearby Kyoto station that is conveniently connected to Kansai international airport (KIX) and the other major cities in Japan via JR railways. The place is the center of the Kyoto city area and close to the various sightseeing spots. Local map (provided by Kyoto TERRSA) is shown at right, and a larger map is available "here"

Weather in Kyoto

Summer in Kyoto is hot and wet. The temperature in the daytime becomes above 35 degC, and it does not go below 25 degC in the night. The humidity is usually larger than 60%. The temperature and humidity around the conference period in recent years are shown in the figures below. Nevertheless, we hope you can enjoy it!!!